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Can your team turn up to work as their best self, every day?

Mental Wellbeing Consultancy Services

We help you develop a mentally healthy workplace by maturing the capabilities of your organisation. The aim is to shape a thriving, sustainable culture. The result, a safe workplace, where every person can turn up as their best self, every day.

Our services are customised to your organisation’s needs, providing the appropriate tools, structure and guidance across the organisation.

Julie Gillespie

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What can we do to help you create a mentally healthy workplace?

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    The Business Case

    A mentally healthy workplace isn’t about a destination. Yes, it’s the journey.

    The fact that you’re here, means you acknowledge that the well being of your team is important. That’s fantastic! We need to celebrate each incremental step towards becoming a mentally healthy workplace.

    Where you start, and what your journey looks like, is unique to your organisation. Engaging a Mental Wellbeing Consultant brings you objectivity, understanding of what ‘can’ be done, and the vision to implement effective programs.

    ​We help you create a place where your people can be engaged, grow healthy relationships, and have a sense of belonging. Shaping an organisation into being a psychologically safe workplace; where every person can turn up as their best self, every day.

    A PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report found that ignoring mental health in the workplace costs Australian businesses around $10.9 billion a year. Watch the video to find out more…

    What Builds a Thriving Workplace?

    There are mentally healthy workplaces where people can do their best and be their best. There are 40 indicators presented across five essential domains to build thriving workplaces: leadership, connectedness, policy, capability and culture.

    Indicators of a Thriving Workplace Survey 2019
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    Our Mental Wellbeing consulting, Mental Health First Aid training, and Strengths Profile coaching provide the structure and guidance you need to ensure that everyone in your organisation is able to turn up as their best self, every day.

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    Mental Wellbeing

    Mental Wellbeing consulting

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    Mental Health First Aid training

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    Strengths Profile

    Strengths Profile coaching

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    Get to know your consultant – Julie Gillespie

    Getting the right fit for you and your business is essential.

    Julie’s consulting and training work is grounded in over 20 years of broad business experience and technical training, supported by a Bachelor of Commerce degree and an Executive Masters of Business Administration. She has also lived with mental ill health and knows how tough it is to keep going when the deadlines are running and people are looking to be led.

    Becoming a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructor was the bridge for Julie to be able to help others like herself. MHFA is evidence-based training that provides people with the skills and confidence to have supportive conversations with their co-workers, helping to guide them to professional help if needed.

    Julie’s business experience in small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and her family’s business include Operations Management in a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) environment, Director of Product Development (FMCG), Cosmetic Chemist (FMCG), and, Marketing and Communications roles.

    In her role as Mental Wellbeing Consultant, Julie offers services in MHFA training, Strengths Profile Coaching and aiding organisations in their journey of implementing ‘people-centric’ initiatives. Julie’s collaborative approach to problem solving means that she brings in knowledge experts as required to deliver projects with her.

    Julie’s personal mission is to help organisations create safe workplaces, where every person can turn up as their best self, every day.

    The bottom line… business has an engaged and productive workforce leading it to new strengths and profitability, keeping it adaptable and relevant; becoming an employer of choice with great people and culture.

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    MHFA Instructor

    Julie Gillespie

    “I know how it feels to be dysfunctional and disconnected in the workplace and life. I want to make sure other people don’t have to face that alone and unsupported.”

    Client feedback

    Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

    “Julie was a great instructor with the ability to be able to provide real world examples, communicate to the full diversity of the audience (business managers, supervisors, workers, independent contractors, employees, etc.) with great clarity to get the message across. Julie’s presentation was clear, concise, effective and a very comfortable environment to be able to talk about the difficult issues pertaining to Mental Health.”

    MHFA Participant, Public course - October 2019

    “Julie was very engaging, had answers for every question (in-depth) and made sure you had the information you needed before moving on. She gave everyone a chance to speak and had a wealth of knowledge about the subject. The course was very rich in content, I learned so much and am so grateful for having the opportunity to take the MHFA course as well as having the opportunity to be taught by Julie.”

    MHFA Participant, Public course - October 2019

    “Julie has a fantastic sense of humour and presented the content very well.  It is great to have an instructor who is willing to share their knowledge and experience in an open and honest way.  Julie did a great job and I walked away feeling more confident with the course content and the ability to be more confident in my conversations with others.”

    MHFA Participant, Wesley Mission Queensland April 2019

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